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by Trota


William Shakespeare
Name: Jeremy Alarcón
Course: 1"A"
Teacher: Angela Mendieta
Act 1: The Sanchez family are in the dining room talking about getting Ana Barbara married.

Miss Sanchez: Mrs. Sanchez, I think it is time that our beloved Ana Barbara of free reins to love.

Mrs. Sanchez: I've been thinking about that too my love, in fact the Count Zamora will be the one who falls in love with her, he is a good boy. And I invited him to the party tonight.

Miss Sanchez: Then I will break the news to our daughter.

Butler: With all due respect my lords, I think you should leave your daughter choose who to marry.

Mrs. Sanchez: It's a good idea, but we should also think about the general family, and our well-being.

Butler: If you do that, you will be doing evil, and you will pay a very high price, my lord. But it will be what you say.
Act 2: Ana Barbara is in the patio talking with her grandmother

Ana Barbara: Oh granny how I would like to find true love.

Grandma: You'll get it, maybe the love of your life is thinking the same thing.

Miss Sanchez enters the stage.

Miss Sanchez: You will find him and it will be at today's party and it will be Count Zamora.
act 3: A few hours away Luis Mario and his Marcos practicing to dance.
Luis Mario: At today's party we will dance without waste.

Marcos: We will dance so well that they will pay us what we owe.

Luis Mario: I'm not worried about that, I'm going because my beloved Ana Barbara will be there.

Marco: Do not flatter yourself, remember that they are enemies of your family.

Mario enters the scene.

Mario: It will be that you do not get your hopes up cousin since our families are in dispute.
Act 4: Luis Mario and Ana Barbara escape to Fray's house.

Luis Mario: (Anxious) Fray, I ask you to marry us right now.

– Fray: But how to do that Luis, their families are enemies since the beginning of all time!

– Ana Bárbara: Fray, we ask you.

– Fray: This is impossible, but something tells me that your love is possible, I can't find what to do! You are very brave to do all this Luis, you know the history of the two families, and even so you want to give your life to your beloved Ana, I have nothing else to do, if her love is true, then I will.
Act 5: Ana's father discovers that she ran away with Mario to get married, so he went looking for her accompanied by Duke Zamora.

Duke Zamora: Enough of the fights and nonsense from Mario! Luis Mario is banished from this kingdom.

Ana Barbara: You can't do this!

Duke Zamora: With the authority that I have, I am fully entitled to exile due to the murder of a relative of the Sanchez family.

Ana's grandmother: Let's go now there's nothing we can do.

Ana and her grandmother leave.