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by Trota

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Act 1: The Sanchez family are in the dining room talking about getting Ana Barbara married.

Miss Sanchez: Mrs. Sanchez, I think it is time that our beloved Ana Barbara of free reins to love.

Mrs. Sanchez: I've been thinking about that too my love, in fact the Count Zamora will be the one who falls in love with her, he is a good boy. And I invited him to the party tonight.

Miss Sanchez: Then I will break the news to our daughter.

Butler: With all due respect my lords, I think you should leave your daughter choose who to marry.

Mrs. Sanchez: It's a good idea, but we should also think about the general family, and our well-being.

Butler: If you do that, you will be doing evil, and you will pay a very high price, my lord. But it will be what you say.
Act 2: Ana Barbara is in the patio talking with her grandmother

Ana Barbara: Oh granny how I would like to find true love.

Grandma: You'll get it, maybe the love of your life is thinking the same thing.

Miss Sanchez enters the stage.

Miss Sanchez: You will find him and it will be at today's party and it will be Count Zamora.