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Summer Reading 2023

by Rebecca Hickman


Summer Reading

Dear Cyrus Peirce Middle School Parents and Students:

Welcome to Summer Reading 2023! All students at CPS will read a book of their choice and complete the attached graphic organizer. 

***Students will be responsible for getting their own books for summer reading.*** 

Local options for obtaining the books: 
*CPS Library (there will be hours over the summer - see below)
*E-books/Audio books through the CPS library website (SORA app)
*Nantucket Atheneum and Overdrive through the Atheneum (students will need their library card number). 
*Bookworks and Mitchell’s (CPS students will receive a 20% discount)

Many thanks to  Wendy Hudson and the Staff of Nantucket Book Partners for helping to offset the cost of books for our students.  

Cyrus Peirce Middle School Summer Reading 2023
What you will do:

1. Get your copy of your choice book. You are responsible for buying or borrowing a copy of the book you select. ***Be sure to give Nantucket Book Partners ample time if you plan to order a book through them.*** Reach out to Mrs. Hickman if you need assistance.

2. Read your choice book during the summer.

3. Complete the graphic organizer. Hard copies will also be provided if needed.

4. Select additional books of your choice, and read as much as possible! 

5. Add to the “What are you reading?” Padlet to let others know what everyone is reading!

6. Turn in your completed graphic organizer to your English teacher by Friday, September 8, 2023.
Links for book suggestions will be on the CPS Homepage and the CPS/NHS Library webpage.  We believe that students should find a book with which they can connect and enjoy. We strongly encourage students to challenge themselves, and recommend that parents get involved and guide their children in making a good choice. The Nantucket Book Partners website is a great resource, where you will find book summaries, reviews and access to online ordering. You may also visit Bookworks or Mitchell’s to purchase the book, or the Nantucket Atheneum to borrow a copy. If you are having trouble finding a book, and/or getting a book, please reach out to Mrs. Hickman for assistance. Your participation in the CPS Summer Reading Program is essential to starting off the school year on a positive note! 

Parents: Need some tips and tricks to keep your child motivated to read? Click here for a great blog post by Pernille Ripp, 7th grade teacher and author, “How to Help Your Child Love Reading Over the Summer.” While the article was written in 2016, the message is still relevant today. 

We want to thank our students as they continue to commit themselves to being lifelong learners – individuals who never stop questioning the world through language and imagination.
Have a GREAT summer!
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Warm regards,
Becky Hickman, CPS Librarian (
Julie McMahon, 6th Grade ELA  teacher (
Jillian Fraker, 6th Grade ELA teacher (
Katrina Zenkert, 7th Grade ELA teacher (
Chip Davis, 8th Grade ELA teacher (
Kate Freed, 8th Grade ELA teacher (
Na’Sia Smith, SEL Writing teacher (
CPS Library ~ Summer Hours

July 20, 2023 > 9:00am - 11:30am
July 27, 2023 > 9:00am - 11:30am
August 3, 2023 > 9:00am - 11:30 am
August 10, 2023 > 9:00am - 11:30am

***These hours are subject to change.*** 
Please reach out to Mrs. Hickman if you need to visit the library at another time.
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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.