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The Girl and The Ghost Cheetah

by Madie Rose


The Girl and The Ghost Cheetah
By: Madie Rose
 Chapter one: Rosa
Hi! I’m Rosa, and my Dad, Stepmom, and I just moved to this spooky, yet pretty, trailer house. It's really big. I get one of the smaller rooms for when there are visitors. But, I think it’s haunted. Dad said it isn’t, but I don’t believe him. For the record I have always wanted to befriend a ghost, especially an animal ghost! I might be 12 years old but that doesn’t mean that I can’t dream!
Any-who I think my house is haunted and if it really is I will be so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so happy! Think about it, I can just fly on the ghosts back and sore through the sky! But, if it’s an animal ghost! It will be so cool! But, there could be no ghost, but I won’t give my hopes up!
So, like I said before I am Rosa, Rosa Rose Nuismer. I know, weird name right? But I love it, so I don’t complain. But, back to my new trailer house, I plan on decorating my room to be “My Little Pony” don’t judge me! I like “My Little Pony”, okay? But my room won’t just be “My Little Pony” though… it will also be  my gamer setup room, for me to watch and play video games and send the videos to YouTube! Anyway you don’t know what I look like yet, so, I have eyes that change colors, they change from blue to brown to green they are blue right now, my hair is black and brown and is right above my shoulders, my face is a little chubby but in a good way, and my nose is a little roundish. The reason I live with my Dad and Stepmom is because when I was about 5 someone killed my Mom but I do remember that she was beautiful to the eye and heart.
But enough about me time to get back to my new house, the house is even closer to my school, Rockford Lake Middle, so that's cool. I now even live next to my best friend Chloe, she is the best! We still have to ride the bus. So, that's really awesome, she can come over anytime she wants to as well! It’s the same with me at her house!  One day when I was at Chloe’s house, Chole said “Did you know that your house is haunted? That’s the reason why my old neighbors moved out.” 
“No way!” I said.
“Yes way, girl!” Chloe exclaimed with excitement.
“Chloe, do you know what this means?” I asked her.
“Yas, Queen!” Chloe exclaimed with even more excitement.
“Ghost friend hunt!” We both said at the same time!
 Chapter two: Margo
Hello, I’m Margo. I’m a ghost, not just any ghost but a Cheetah ghost and that means I am a rare ghost. So, I am lucky, but yet not lucky. You see, when I was alive my owner built this trailer house, I was just a cheetah cub and I was very happy, see? But one night, when my owner and I were sleeping, Someone knocked on the door, very politely, so we didn’t expect anything to happen. 
But how we were oh so wrong, it was the neighbor, Mr. Mclive, I think his name was, his wife was at home tending to their children, which were still up! Can you believe that, at 4:00 in the morning? I sure can’t, but anywho, Mr. Mclive asked “May I come in my friend?” and of course since my owner was oh so kind, she said “Why, of course Mr. Mclive! You may come in.” since that stinking rotten guy was acting the “I am innocent” game Mr. Mclive said “The kids are driven me nuts! I needed a break. Thank you so kindly, Mrs. Wakadoo.” which was my owner's name.
“You are very welcome Mr. Mclive. Anything to help an old neighbor.” said Mrs. Wakadoo.  “May I make myself a snack while I’m here?” Mr. Mclive said. And so again since my owner was so kind she said “Oh, of course you can Mr. Mclive, the kitchen is down that hallway on the right. The snack food is in the fridge and the knives are on the counter.” Oh, how I wish my owner said “No”.
So, Mr. Mclive did come back with a snack, but he also came back with some alcohol and a knife. I dare say he was drunk by the looks of it. “Mr. Mclive, did you forget to put the knife back, my friend?” my owner said, “No, no I didn’t, I am going to use it to cut my food when it needs to be cut more.” that snot nosed human said.
He did as he said and asked to stay until morning. Mrs. Wakadoo of course said “Yes. I know what it is like to have children driving you nuts, for my little cheetah cub, Margo, is my child.” when she said my name I ran over to her because I smelled something fishy going on.
I didn’t want to leave her side. But, I had to so we could go back to sleep. So, I went to my bed and fell back asleep. At 5:00 in the morning I heard a scream! It sounded like Mrs. Wakadoo! Mr. Mclive was running out of the house as fast as he could but I heard him mumble under his breath “That’s what you get for ruining my life.” I ran to Mrs. Wakadoo as fast as I could, good thing I am a cheetah, and ran to her room got on her bed and there Mrs. Wakadoo was lying there on her bed stabbed in the chest with the engraving of “I RUIN PEOPLE’S LIVES. MR. MCLIVE KILLED ME.” on her forehead, immediately I ran crying to
that MURDERERS house and
knocked the door down and MR. MCLIVE sat there on the couch and looked at me. I let out my loudest explosive yelp I could do. Mr. Mclive, if that really is his name, laughed at me. Little does he know that my explosive yelp can be heard up to 1.24 miles away by human ears.
The neighbors came over immediately and saw that I was there crying and yelping and growling. They knew I was Mrs. Wakadoo’s, so they asked me what was wrong. I lead them to my dead owner. They all screamed at the sight of Mrs. Wakadoo. Some cried, some had heart attacks, one even called the police!
When the police arrived. They asked me to bring them to whoever killed Mrs. Wakadoo. So I did. The police were surprised at Mr. Mclive killed her because everyone knew that when Mr. Mclive and Mrs. Wakadoo were kids, Mr. Mclive had a Crush on Mrs. Wakadoo and when they were kids he asked Mrs. Wakadoo to be his GirlFriend but Mrs. Wakadoo said “No, thank you I have a Crush on a GIRL. Sorry I do not like you the same way.” and that broke Mr. Mclive’s heart (if he even had one).
That is the end of my story, but I still miss my owner very much, but she did not become a ghost like me. But, these new humans are in my house now and one is a little girl, she reminds me of Mrs. Wakadoo. I shall not hurt them but try to scare them out.
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