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Maddie’s Sketchbook

by Madeleine


Maddies’s Sketchbook!
Table of contents!
Page 3 : Doodling!
Page 5 : Your Logo!
Page 6 : About Me!
About Me!
Hi guys!
My name is Maddie!

I am a student in PLP where we create different projects to show our growth and learning.

I enjoy field hockey, reading, swimming, music and art.
Skill 1 : Lines and Pressure
At the beginning of our drawing unit, we started by learning the technique of using different pens to create texture and pressure to create different lines. We were taught multiple styles to write our names in. I chose bubble letters because I have more experience in writing with them and I felt more comfortable with creating better art if I used them. I never originally planned to create a sunset look, but I felt like it showcased my skill with using the smudge pen and shading colours together.
Skill 2 : Doodling!