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The Mysterious Castle

by Layth Mohammed Bin-Saad


The Mysterious castle
By Layth
Slowly, Sir Gallahad sat on his chair with joy in his heart. He called his son Kyle, so he said ''Kyle come here!'' But Kyle did not answer, so Sir Gallahad was worried. Then there was a thunderstorm, so everyone stayed inside. Sir Gallahad stood up for two seconds and then sat back down slowly and said to himself ''what is someone took him!'' Sir Gallahad called his army-Where on earth was Kyle?
Quickly, the solders came, and Sir Gallahad said, ''Check in every castle in this area,'' to them. Sir Gallahad was worried someone kidnapped him! The storm was still, and it was still loud, black and scary but the solders went anyways. Sir Gallahad got up and started walking fast with his army. - Where could kyle be?
Carefully, Sir Gallahad and his solders watched where they were going because it was dark, and they could not see at all. As they started to walk each time Sir Gallahad took a step he felt even more worried. The lightning was fast sparkly and yellow. They passed a village, and someone told him that a castle took a boy named Kyle. Sir Gallahad was furios. They found the castle and started fighting for kyle and they were running quickly and carefully. Was kyle in the castle?
Quickly, Sir Gallahad's army defeated the strongest army in the world! Sir Gallahad was very relived. The big, huge and black storm calmed down and they went inside to get Kyle. But the king was not defeated so they ran towards they king quickly so they could save kyle. -would they defeat the king and save kyle?
Quickly, they defeated the king and saved Kyle.