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Buccee Stutters

by Lauren Hobson


Today is Buccee’s first day of third grade. She is feeling all sorts of emotions. She is eager to see what awaits her.

She walks into her classroom eager to sit by her classmates. When she walks in, she sits at her table.

Her classmates come in one by one, but as the final students come in, Buccee looks around and realizes she is the only one no one wanted to sit by.
As the final bell rings, a new student walks in. The student goes and sits by Buccee.
Buccee turns around and asks, "Wha-wha what is your na-na name?" The new student responds with, "My name is Shannon. What is your name?"
Buccee then tells Shannon "My name is Bu-Bu- Buccee." Shyly, Buccee tells Shannon, "I s-s-sometimes stutter when I t-t-talk."
Fun facts: Stuttering is a communication disorder in which flow of speech is broken by repetitions