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The Robot Maker

by Ms Houston


The Robot Maker
The Robot Maker studied his latest creation. Tinkering with his screwdriver, his small black toolbox emptied over the table. He loved his tools and had used them over and over again for many years.
His appearance:
His shiny, bald head glistened with sweat under the fierce heat of the overhead lamp. His wispy, white hair, which used to be fiery red, circled his head like the ruff of ancient royalty. Perched on his nose, gold rimmed glasses with thick pebble lenses helped him to see the minutiae of the detail of the tiny, intricate robot before him. He wore a simple white shirt with a blue cotton overall. This was a symbol of hope and clarity whenever he worked which he had been wearing for years, and years. Around his wrist, he wore a silver strapped watch which was essential for meticulous timekeeping! The hairs on his arms were as white as his bristly moustache. Even his arms were wrinkled and worn with ages past.
The Job
With old, but steady hands, the Robot maker studied his latest creation. The miniature robot stood on the workbench, still not fully complete. His small, cuboid head with piercing, laser green eyes shone brightly ahead. His shiny, white metal body was ready for action although the mechanisms controlling his movement needed tweaking as the robot remained motionless.

With a small amount of twisting and turning of the screws and the addition of a small motor engine, the Robot Maker was sure he could get the robot fully functional.

He was a professional, having built 50 robots in his many years of life. He was respected, well known yet despite this, fortune had evaded him and he still worked in a small room in his house awaiting his day of financial recognition!