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Phenology Globe 2023

by Matea Stojanovska


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This publication can help young people understand the real meaning of nature
Wednesday 8th of November 2023
Phenology in ''Petar Pop Arsov"
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Picture taken by Matea,Jana and Hana from ''Petar Pop Arsov"
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This study helps people understand nature and its biological life cycles.

That's why students from this school decided to dedicate themselves to the sake of this study. I'm telling you that once you start reading, you won't be able to stop.
What is Phenology?
Many people might think this is a boring study, but we have children from all over the world who prove those people wrong.

Here we have students from the middle school ''Petar Pop Arsov". They will explain what phenology means to them.

- 'At first, I thought that this study was going to be very boring. Turns out I was wrong. It's extremely interesting, and you get to learn many things about trees and leaves. And not only that but also how the seasons influence the color and strength of the leaf.' - Matea S.

- 'This is such an amazing study. The moment my teacher mentioned nature, I was instantly sold. It's truly something you mustn't take for granted.' - Jana K.

These are just some of the many students that participate in this activity.

If you would like to know what they do to the leaves and trees, turn to the next page, and who knows maybe you would like to join them.

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