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The lost siblings

by Ayzel Bernardo


The lost
By Ayzel Bernardo
In a city that doesn't seem to have day and night, lives the married couple Vitorino and Riya. They have been together for a long time already, but it seems like it is hopeless that they would have an offspring.
One day at Riya's workplace, as a nanny, she was very happy with her "alaga" baby. She takes care of her like her real his son. When his boss is at work, he brings him to their house to comfort her and her husband Victorino.

As time goes by, Riya and Victorino are getting closer to the baby. She sees and feels like he is own child. This strengthened the her will to run away with the baby. Even though she knows it's wrong and she would be punished for it.
While the baby's parents were sleeping, Riya slowly carried the child out of their house and took him to their residence. She tried to keep quiet, but Victorino woke up when he heard the cry of a baby in the crib.

Victorino immediately asked, "isn't that the baby you are taking care of at work?”

"Yes, my love, he is our son now. Our family will be complete at last", Riya answered while crying.

Victorino was very angry at what his wife had done so he encouraged her
to return the baby to his real parents.

"Riya do you know what you are doing? You can be imprisoned and killed by those Manilenyos”, insisted Victorino.

"Honey, I love this baby so much. We're done hoping for me to bear a child. Let me be happy, Riya replied while crying

Victorino first let Riya be with the baby. When she fell asleep, Victorino carried the boy out to bring him back to the Manilenyos. However, they don't know that the authorities are already on their way to hunt down the person who stole the child.

Blue and red lights are striking on Victorino and Riya's house. The baby was taken from Victorino and they were both caught and taken. The couple were not forgiven easily, so they were beaten and exiled to a place far from civilization.

The couple were still wounded and dying, but they insisted on living and
starting a new life again. Thus, they settled in a village far from where they used to be. They found a place where there are no other people besides from them. The soil is abundant and the weather is fine.