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We are Broken, But God is Our Healer

by Raphael Richard


Hello, My name is Raphael Richard Angelo Sinanto, and I am 12 years old. And this is my poem e-book. The definition of a poem is writing that usually has figurative language and often has a repeated rhythm and rhyme. The meaning of this year's school theme for me is that we should proclaim God because he is where we can get eternal happiness and eternal life. And we cannot find eternal happiness and eternal life anywhere else. God loves us, and I love him. He has helped me through my whole entire life, and for that, I am forever grateful. We should spread the word of god so that he can bring happiness to other people’s lives. My motivation and inspiration for this poem is God because whenever I pray to God he gives me hope and motivation. And God is my inspiration for all of the poems, because of how incredible he is. He can forgive and love everyone, even after all of the sins we have done.
Page 1: Preface
Page 2: Table of Contents
Page 3: God the Saviour
Page 4: Our World, and the Heavens
Page 5: He Died, so We Can Be Healed
Page 6: Reflection