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Lies is bad



AUTHOUR: Hanshal.G
Once upon a time there lived a boy named bulgue he is the 

boy in OFERVE SCHOOL IN USA his english teacher

loves him... 
One day his mom scolded him because he didn't did his homework,

His mom said "No problem do your homework"

Begue said: Ok mom thanks

Hindi teacher said to belgue you have to do your homework today..
Though belgue watched tv after school

Belgue mom asked " did your teacher gave any homework"

Belgue then tryed to escape

SO belgue told lies...

AFTER 30 days

Exams came near 

Belgue didn't even write his notes and din't do his homework

then its exam day he was scared 

exam started 

he wrote all wrong then after the exams are over 

his teachers said "tommorow is you results day bring your mother"..

Belgue said ok

Then in results day when belgue mom sawed belgue got 0 points 

Belgue mom beated belgue and said Study no playing 

belgue said ok