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mountain men

by Sylvie Seybold


Mountain Men and Trappers
By Sylvie M Seybold
Table of Contents
Trappers and Mountain 3
A Trappers 4
Bent's 5
Results of 6
Trappers and Mountain Men
Although it might look easy to be a fur trader or a Mountain Man it really wasn't for those who had those jobs. If you were a fur trader you could risk losing the profit because of the extinction that could happen or the trend being changed. Being a mountain man could be tough also if you were James Beckwourth. James Beckwourth wasn't white like most mountain men. Instead one of his parents were black and the other was white. In this situation that would cause James to be mixed. At the time being mixed meant you were black which made it very hard for James to get a job as a mountain man.
This is James Beckwourth
A Trappers Life
Being a trapper wasn't necessarily always easy. At the beginning it was simple for the trappers because they didn't have to worry about the animals that they hunted to go extinct. After some of the most popular animals started to go extinct and the style eventually changed, the trappers had to stop what they were doing and come up with a new idea for trapping.
Bent's Fort
Bent's Fort was all about trading many things like horses and mules. Bent's Fort was located on the Santa Fe Trail and was built in 1835. This was also a very popular place for many retired people to stay and hunt bison for food.
Results of Trapping
The results of trapping included beaver, bear, fox, and otter top hats and pelts that were very popular. This later caused beavers to almost go extinct in the 1840's. Trapping and trading was started by Auguste P. Chouteau and later another organization was started by William Ashley and Andrew Henry.