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My book of the year
class - 7 b
Made by - Saanvi Sharma
It was my 11th birthday and my school friends came over so it was so much fun as we played so many games and had a good time with each other it was a memorable birthday !
On the occasion of Holi , me and my family went to connaught place and India gate I really enjoyed a lot and we also had some rides it is a good place to visit
I went to Pune for my holidays and it was a awesome trip , we stayed in a hotel but it was more like a cute cottage and it was luxurious from inside I didn't expected it but it was super cool and
there were so many beautiful flowers but the most amazing one was this upside down flower !
I went to so many temples and some of them are they so we use to wake up early in morning and eat our breakfast and leave for temples and so it was such a busy routine that at the end of the I was so tired
I went to Ellora caves in Aurangabad and in one of the cave there is a carving of lord Budhha and once a year the sunlight falls on the centre of there forehead , this cave was carved such a way .