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by viraj kumar

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by Viraj Kumar
Ten-year-old Dhruv is out with his grandfather on an evening stroll. While walking, Dhruv feels thirsty. "I want water, Grandfather", says Dhruv. "There is a vendor nearby, let's get water from him.", says Grandfather. The two walk a few more steps and stop to buy a bottle of water.
The vendor sells the bottle for ₹100. Grandfather is taken by surprise, "So much for a single bottle of water! Is this drinking water or holy water?!". The vendor replies, "Sir, this is water straight from the Himalayas! Of course, it will be expensive! Water has become so expensive sir...people like me hardly make anything in a day..." Grandfather gives him an empathetic smile and pays for the bottle.
Dhruv and his grandfather stop to sit on a bench. Dhruv thanks his grandfather and asks him about the discussion he had with the vendor. "He was telling me how water is now becoming a scarce commodity. It has made these vendor's lives horrible. It's amazing how something which is so necessary in our life, is so hard to get.", Grandfather explains. "Oh this rate we won't even be able to meet the demand in the near future!", cried Dhruv. Grandfather says that that's true, but there's nothing much they can do at this point.
As the two walk home, Dhruv thinks about ways in which he can create a change in the society regarding the preservation of water. He makes a plan to go to school the next day and discuss it with his friends and teacher. They all make a plan to put up save water posters in the school campus to spread awareness among the people.
You too can strive to save water! Think of ways to save water at your home, workplace, school, and family functions. Alert the people around you to prevent a situation like Dhruv's from happening. We don't want to be spending ₹100 on bottled water now, do we?