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(copy) Newsletter Issue 33

by PH


Issue 33
Friday 16th June 2023
Thought Bubble
Important Dates
Monday 19th June 2023

Apple and Olive Class Landmark visit to Buckingham Palace.
Thursday 22th June 2023

Dental Team Visiting (Nursery, Reception and Year1 at Orwell Road)

Damson and Cherry Class landmark visit to Buckingham Palace.
Sharing Assembly
Library Visits
Water Bottles
It is important for health and well-being that your child has access to fresh water throughout the day, especially as the weather is beginning to get warmer.
Please make sure that your child has a labelled water bottle in school, which will need to be taken home each day to be washed and refilled.
School Menu
Please find attached
the NEW school
lunch menu here.
Please note that from Monday 19th June 2023, we will be starting from Week 3
*Please note the menu may change due to the non delivery of ingredients*