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"Let's play every day"

by the eTwinning team of "Let's play every day"


This collaborative story was created by the eTwinning team of "Let's play every day".It is a product of cooperation of mixed groups of the schools of the project who collaborated to write and illustrate it.


1) Beginning and End of the story by 3rd Kindergarten of Rethymno, Uzun köprü Demokrasi ilkokulu,Turkey and kindergarten Važecká 18, Prešov, Slovakia with Lucky Joy

2)Introduction of the team and some words about games in general by 2nd Kindergarten of Plagiari and 9th Kindergarten of Ampelokipi with Heart Friend

3)Favourite game by Predškolska ustanova,Naša radost”Servia and 13rd Kindergarten of Rethymno with Playful Jack

4)Aquaintance games by 32nd Kindergarten of Evosmos and 2nd Kindergarten of Neapolis with Rubibot Happy

5)Classroom games by 2nd and 4th Kindergarten of Farsala with Super Lego

6)Classroom games by 4th Kindergarten of Rethymno and 1st Kindergarten of Anogia with Lego Friends
7)Games in the yard by Kindergarten of Sternes Chania with Chara-Aris

8) Games in the yard by 12th Kindergarten of Karditsa and Kindergarten of Heronia with Mr Colourful

9)Traditional games by 15th Kindergarten of Galatsi and 15th Kindergarten of Patras with Robot and Plagona

10)Traditional games by 2nd Kindergarten of Almyros and 1st Kindergarten of Volos with Domino

11)Online games by Kindergartens of Mesoropi, Paralia Ofryniou and Antifilippoi with Mr Boing-Boing

12)Robot games by 5th Kindergarten of Veria and 8th Kindergarten of Neapolis with Smart Robbit
Once upon a time there was a boy, Toy Play, who liked to exercise every day doing cycling, skateboarding and mountaineering. He also liked music and dancing and had fun imagining he was a superhero, an astronaut and a ship captain.
One day while pretending to be the captain of a ship and looking for treasures he opened an old trunk. Suddenly a cute robot jumped out of it and said “I don’t like being locked up in a trunk. I want to have a lot of friends in a place full of toys, where we can play traditional and modern games from all over the world. We can also create our own toys”
Toy Play immediately liked the robot and said "How can I help you? Oh, yes! I know! I will send messages to my friends. I have many friends you know. I will look in books and encyclopedias and even on the internet! But the one who can help us the most is Τhe Ηeart Friend.She is the mascot of a beloved team of schools with the name... guess what the name is... haha" he laughed "you won't believe it! The name is Let’s play every day! That's what the team is called.What do you think? Αre we going to find the Ηeart Friend?