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The story of a hacker

by Eirini, Iliana, Antrianni


Τhe story of a hacker
One day in Athens there was a girl named Eva. She stayed at home alone for many hours because her parents were at work. So, she decided to video call a friend.
But when she picked up the phone and tried to call her friend, the phone screen went black.
Eva was very scared and locked all the doors of the house. She called her parents but they didn't answer.
Eva realized that her mobile was hacked, she freaked out and went to her room. Then a message came from a stranger! She was terrified, she didn't know what to do... her parents weren't answering the cell phone and he decided to leave the house to find them.

As she walked down the stairs, she found her dad.
" Where are you going;" he asked her.

"My cell phone was hacked dad and I don't know what to do?" Eva answered him.
They returned home and Eva told him the whole story.
Her dad called the Internet Crime Complaint Center and they told him that they couldn't deal with something as simple as that because they were too busy.