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A book about Healthy Development, Whole Child

by Farjana Yeasmin


Book created by: Farjana Yeasmin

Subject :Healthy Development, Whole Child

Date: December 12, 2023

4 areas of child development:

1) Physical
2) Cognitive
3) Social and
4) Emotional
My Son-Farees Hossain
Physical Development:
-Children learn to walk, run, push/kick, grab and balance

- Their small and large muscle get stronger
Cognitive Development:
-Children can reflect their thinking into the drawing by using memory

-They learn new vocabulary and spelling . Such as the names of different countries and shapes
Personal images: My sons-Farees and Fardeen Hossain
Social Skill Development:
-Children begins to feel comfortable in a public places

-They enjoy to meet people in the cultural family gathering
Emotional Development:
-Children expresses their feeling whether happy or sad by laughing or crying

-They are usually happy to get new toys or to play with sibling
Personal Images: My sons Farees and Fardeen Hossain

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