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A strange day

by Karoliine Orav


A Strange Day
It was a beautiful morning when a girl, named Anna, woke up.
The sun was shining and the weather was beautiful.
She walked around the house. Nobody was home.
She went into the kitchen and saw a letter.
Good morning
We are waiting for you in the Grandma´s Apple Garden.
Come and have some cake.
The letter did not have a name on it and Anna didn´t know who was waiting for her there. She put her shoes on and cycled to Grandma´s house.
She reached the apple garden.
She saw a cake on the table. It was an apple pie.
There was nobody around the cake.
Suddenly mother and father, grandmother and grandfather, sister and brother, and friends came out from behind the trees.
At that moment Anna remembered that it was her birthday.