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The Little Girl


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One day Steve was sitting in his room then he got a call from a lady named Cassidy said, "Hey are you free to come and babysit my 2 little kids."

Steve said , "Yeah sure I will be there in the 15 minutes."

Cassidy Said, "Thank you."

Later on Steve gets to Cassidy's house and gave her a handshake.

Steve went in told Cassidy said,'' to Steve I'm going on a date with one of my friends''.

The house was looked old rackety it has a big porch and it's dark spider webs . After I looked around I heard crying upstairs then I found a little girl. crying in a corner. I approached .

Then she jumped at me. A pale little girl with wolf tale and pig ears and made me fall down the stairs.

Then she took me and the kids to the underworld. The next thing you know we saw thousands of ghost and people. We figured out how to get out the underworld. We ran to my car and we drove to were Cassidy was. I dropped the kids off after I got home and I went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and heard crying again. I found the same little girl in my room

I was prepared this time then I attacked but she jumped on me and I got teleported into the underworld again. But this time I had a sword and also a shield I attacked all the demons and all the ghost. I ended up getting to the little girl but she was giant this time since I Couldn't go for the head I went for the feet. Then I ran for the portal and I escaped I was free.
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