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by Jack J

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CHAPTER 1 Description
YouTube is an app that a lot of people have.
You make YouTube videos to get subscribers and likes and views. Once you make more videos, people will start liking your videos. Then you will be famous.
You get a play button for your reward. Once you hit 10 million subscribers you can get the diamond play button and you will be one of the best YouTubers of all. Once you go live, every three views you gain a dollar.
Make content that people really like.
Once you post more they will start liking your videos and they will start watching them or share them to other people to get more views.
Once you do that, you might just get subscribers and likes. You might be like other Youtubers.
You can look at other videos and take notes from them.
Maybe you can do that in your video as well. After you see a video, you can edit them any way that you want.
Then people will look at your videos more. People will already know you.
Chapter 2 Sequence
This is how you make a YouTube channel. First You have to sign in. Then once you sign in, you can like videos and subscribe to other people. Once you sign in, you can make YouTube videos. Then you can edit your profile and pick any photo you like. If you want to photoshop pictures then you can do that and find one that you really like. Then you go to manage videos. Then you edit your profile. That's how you make a YouTube channel.
To see other peoples channels, you need to click their profile. Then you can see their whole entire YouTube channel. Then you can see how many views, their subscribers, and their likes. That's how you see other people's channels.
Chapter 3 Compare/Contrast
There are a lot of different YouTubers out there and they make different YouTube videos. Their profiles are different, like people's views and likes on their video or their comments or their subscribers. There are a lot of differences, like they can edit anything in their video in any way they want and Photoshop anything they like or want. People will think that the video is normal, but it isn't. People make the same videos but edit any way they like. That's how people copy other YouTubers.