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My new preschool

by NSW Department of Education


Photo of preschool girl playing in outdoor preschool smiling
My new preschool
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Photo of preschool boy standing at gate, looking into preschool wearing mask
This is the gate into my new preschool.
Photo of preschool child, girl holding an adult’s hand with a backpack on her back walking into preschool
I have a preschool bag which I carry on my back. I put it in a special place when I arrive at preschool.
I take a lunch box and water bottle to preschool.
Photo of preschool girl sitting at table with her lunch box, holding an apple
Photo of preschool boy drinking water from a drink bottle
When I’m thirsty, I get myself a drink of water.
Photo of preschool boy smiling wearing a wide brim hat outside
I have a hat to wear at preschool. I wear it when I play outside to protect me from the sun.