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Bret Easton Ellis
Ellis was born 1964. He had a very unfortunate childhood, his parents divorced and he later stated his father was abusive and narcissistic. He would later create his most popular character Patrick Bateman based off of his father. Ellis wrote his first novel while he was studying in Bennington college. While Ellis was growing up he hid his emotions and believed he was living the ideal life of a California child, for this reason his first novel expresses all of the hidden ideas and emotions Ellis had as a kid. Although this book became a best seller it was not till 1991 when Ellis published his infamous novel "American Psycho". Here we see a young American man living the ideal American life but he is secretly a narcissistic Psychopath. This book later received a film adaptation and that's when Ellis became extremely popular. Like every single novel that Ellis has wrote American psycho is a very controversial book. Ellis has been asked on multiple occasions whether he was straight or gay, He stated that he goes un-defined. He has a very interesting reason, he said that if he said he was straight people would read his books a different way same with if he said he was gay. Even though he has had relationships with men he still decides to go unlabeled.

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