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Native American Research Project

by Tristan Rojas


Native American Research Project
By Tristan Rojas
Native American Research Project
Mojave Tribe
Did you know that the Mojave tribe usually don't hunt?
The tribe i'm talking about is the Mojave tribe.
They are from the Mojave desert.
Their Region is the desert.
Today i'm going to talk about the Mojave tribe
Where the Mojave tribe lived is in the Mojave desert in California.
For the summer the houses were made of brush and had no walls. The frame was made of cottonwood poles, and the roof was covered with branches. The winter shelter was rectangular and had walls. The reason they made the summer shelter this way is because it prevents them from being really hot, and for the winter it was made this way so they weren't cold.
Now i'm going to talk about what the Mojave tribe ate.
The Mojave tribe ate, rabbits, squirrels, and lizards when they hunted. The women would gather plant food, including cacti fruit The people who cooked the food were mostly women, rarely men cooked.
The way that the Mojave gets food is by hunting and farming.
The way they cooked the meat is they used stones and sticks to make the fire then they make a little circle using stones and sticks would go in the middle of the circle then make the fire, once the fire started they would put the meat on a stick a hold it over the fire.
The Mojave clothes.
The Mojave men and woman clothes were made from willo bark.
The woman of the tribe made the clothes but the men got the stuff to make the clothes.
The men wore no shirts but wore willo bark around their waist, and
The women wore skirts.
Natural resources
The Mojave tribe used bows and home made knives.
The Mojave tribe also used baskets made of sticks.
The bows were made of sticks and a piece of string.
The knives were made of wood and stone.