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Dan Casey - Assignment 3

by Dan


Dan Casey
Photographic Techniques Learner Record 2022
F5.6 - 1/13
F 5.6 - 1/640
I used a DSLR camera for my two photographic technique assignments. This was the first professional camera that I have ever used extensively and I have to say that it was a great experience using it and knowing all of the different settings and changes that can be made with the camera to create different photos. Previously, I had used my smartphone camera for pictures that I took in my day to day life and as I have a new phone the camera is very good, however it is nothing compared to the DSLR camera. Using the camera was an enjoyable experience and with all of the settings that come with the camera, I could take photos that suited my aesthetic and theme much easier. I have a new found appreciation for camera equipment and photography now that I have used the camera and would definitely consider purchasing one in the near future for my own personal and professional use as the quality of the images is just much better than my smartphone.
Technique 1
For my first assignment, I had to take a black and white photo with the DSLR camera and I chose to photograph my leather jacket in front of a black background as I thought that the contrast would be nice. I think that it turned out great.
Technique 2
For the first assignment, one of the techniques that we had to explore was shutter speed. This changes the speed in which the camera takes the photo so If the object that you are photographing is moving then with a slow shutter speed, it will come out blurry like the chain in this photo. I decided to photograph the chain as I thought that it would be a good object to photo when it is swinging.
The difference between the photos is that one is taken as a black and white still photo and the other is an example of slow shutter speed with a moving object.
Black and White example
F2.8 - 1/1250
Slow shutter speed example
F/10 - 1/5
Shutter Speed Image 1
F4.5 - 1/400
Shutter Speed Image 2
F/10 - 1/5
What is shutter speed and how did it affect your images on the right?
Shutter speed is the length of time that the camera lens is exposed to light and the amount of light that reaches the lense determines the speed in which the photo is taken, resulting in a blurry or clear image when photographing a moving object.
What is lens aperture and how did it affect your images on right?
Aperture refers to the opening of a lens's diaphragm through which light passes. A high or low aperture allows you to take photos in focus completely or just to focus on one object, leaving the background to be out of focus.
Aperture Image 2
F2.8 - 1/160
Aperture Image 1
F22 - 1/2
For this image I used the monochrome setting on the DSLR camera to achieve the effect that I wanted. I wanted a black and white photography to use for assignment 1 and I took it in front of a black background to show the contrast in the black and white and between the drawing that I am holding up.
Monochrome Image
F/5 - 1/30
2 Second
For this image I used the '2 second' delay to remote shutter speed from the photo to get a crystal clear photo of the spikes. I think that it turned out great and with the distance that I took the photo and the mode that I used, the detail is shown clearly. I also took the photo of the spikes above a mirror to give it a nice effect. I think that this made it turn out to be one of my favourite photos.
'2 second' Image
F5.6 - 1/50
Image 1
F 2.8 - 1/1250
Image 2
F/8 - 1/40
Image 1
This is one of my favourite images that I took from the assignments as I got to take professional photos of one of my own fashion creations, my spiked leather jacket. Getting to take photos of my own clothing with the DSLR camera was a blast of fun and I will definitely use these photos in the future.
Image 2
This is another one of my favourite images that I took in the assignments and for my portfolio. This image of a wire sculpture that I did in my combined materials class is really quality and I love the aesthetic of the image. I altered the photo in photoshop as it was a camera RAW file and so I was able to change some of the settings and mood of the photo to more fit the theme of my portfolio. I just think that this photo was taken really professionally and I think that it turned out great, that is why it was one of my favourites.