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Lazy Susan



By Adriana Figueroa
Mugging Girl
Lazy Susan
Is an interesting and crime story, I like it because it is different from the others, it tells the story of Mrs. Susan Carpenter, she is very upset because she was mugged one night, losing some money, in total it was fifty dollars, so she is upset and wants to learn to defend herself, so she asks her husband to please help her to handle a gun to defend herself, and although Mr. Carpenter is surprised, he accepts, but then they decide that it is better for her to take self-defense classes.
She attends these classes regularly, learns that she shouldn't go out at night, that burglars mostly wear masks, that they can use trees to hide in the dark, so they teach them which roads they shouldn't cross or which ones are safer. Mrs. Carpenter was going to this training very often, her husband was happy and pleased with her decision, until she felt she was ready to go out at night.
She decided to go to the movies alone, without her husband, and although he seemed concerned, he let her go. As she left, Mrs. Carpenter studied the place and realized that it was perfect for thieves, the trees were tall and thick, which made them ideal if they wanted to rob someone, she looked up ahead at an old man, approached him carefully and ordered him to give her everything he had with him, the poor old man, with a trembling hand, passed her what he had and then she left.
The next day, Mrs. Carpenter told her husband that she had found a better job, so she would no longer be a secretary, her husband was surprised, but told her that he was happy for her. Mrs. Carpenter said she was pleased with the new job.
What is the social structure of the story?

From the costumes presented in the picture depicting the story, I would say 1950s to 1970s.

What are the roles of the characters?

Mrs. Carpenter, works as a secretary, until the moment she was assaulted, Mr. Carpenter also works in an office. Later, Mrs. Carpenter becomes a mugger.
What things have changed between that society and today?

Many things, the lifestyle, the type of clothing, the fact that women no longer have to be subjugated to the command of men, etc.

What things should be changed both in history and in real life?

The insecurity we live with today, the assaults on women that sometimes, end in murder, also that people should know the basics about self-defense.
Conditional sentences
If there is a similar situation in real life, how would the police and the
judicial system react?

If a large-scale robbery happens anywhere, the police have an obligation to heed the call of the community

What ethical or moral values could you display if you were part of a situation similar to the one presented in the story?

Gentleness, forgiveness, respect for others will would be some of the moral values I could display if I were involved in a situation as painful as the one presented in the story.