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MAPE Lesson 24: Explain

by Charlene Retis


MAPE Lesson 24
Week of March 7-11, 2022
Good day everyone! This week’s lesson is all about “11 Basic Movements in Folk Dancing”. 
These basic movements are usually used in different Philippine folk dances. Most Philippine folk dances use common steps, movements, and positions of the arms and feet. It would be helpful if you master the following basic steps so you can focus on learning the rest of the steps that each folk dance requires. 
So here are the 11 basic movements in folk dancing. 
The hands of boys are placed on their waist while the girls hold their skirts. Partners bow either to each other, to the audience, or to the opposite dancers. This is usually done at the beginning of the dance or at the end of the entire dance.
Raise either your right or left arm upward.  Move the hand from the wrist in a circular motion either inward or outward with an open or closed fist.  The freehand of boys are placed on their waist while girls use their free hand to hold their skirts.
Partners stand side by side; girls at the right side. The boy bends his right elbow. The girl bends her left elbow and locks it with the boy's bent right elbow. Free hands are placed down at the sides.