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by Rebecca Claire Sweeney

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Creative Teaching:
Subject Leadership 2022-23
Rebecca Sweeney
Table of Contents
Ekphrastic Poetry involves descriptive poems written about a piece/ pieces of art
The Initial Stimulus
My Ekphratic Writing Piece
In response to the above art piece, I created an Ekphratic poem which I felt correlated well with the given piece
The Piece I worked from...
Below was one of my peers' written responses to their chosen art piece; a poem which I received and was required to respond to through drawing, without any visual images given. The image on the following page is my response to reading this poem, anonymous to the piece created by the actual artist Faith Ringgold.
We are gathered here today -
or should I say joined together like patchwork...
Surrounded by those who love me -
or judge me

Their eyes give away their thoughts -
as they dart around, conversing in silence...
Flowers in my hand, on his chest, in their hair -
the colours are blooming everywhere...

The men in their uniforms, suit and tie -
a day of faith, for our love to display,
I recall why we are gathered here today.

- Anonymous
My Artistic Response
Revealing the actual piece
Here is an image which one of my classmates was given and they were required to respond to it through the creation of an 'Ekphrastic poem'.

When I revealed this image, I realised that my interpretation of the poem was slightly different, however I comprehended the main message that it was about a marriage ceremony