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by Danielle Gorlovetzky


Chasing Vermeer
Post Reading Activities
by: Danielle
Which character in the novel is most like you? Why?
I think that Ms.Hussey is most like me. I think that she is like me because she is adventurous, curious and energetic.
It was interesting when....
It was interesting in chapter 23. The reason I think it was interesting is Petra was with the police and found blood stains on Calder’s sweatshirt.
It was exciting when.....
It was exciting when Calder and Petra were running away from the thief. It was exciting but also mostly scary when the police came and Calder was running away form the thief even though he was hurt.
Write a paragraph about your favorite part of the novel
My favorite part of the novel was chapter 23 and chapter 22. In chapter 22 I like how they discovered all the mysteries including finding the missing painting and finding the thief. In chapter 23 it had some horror because Petra found some blood stains on Calder's sweatshirt.
The theme refers to the author's message of the central ideas of the work. What are some important themes of Chasing Vermeer?
An important theme of this novel is working together is better and never give up.