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Deanmore Primary School - Family Funded iPad

by Lisa Sampey


Deanmore Primary School
Bring Your Own iPad Program
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The Program
With support of the School Board, we have made a small change to the Family Funded iPad program from 2022. This change will not affect the curriculum requirements or opportunities for students. 

The program will now be known as Bring Your Own iPad. We will allow and support students who already own iPads to bring them to school and use them in line with our online access policy. They will be required to have the software and settings enabled as described in the attached information booklet. 

The school has also leased 32 new iPads for student use in the cohort starting Year 4, 2022. These iPads will follow the cohort through their upper primary years. This means students will have access to an iPad on a one between two basis as a minimum. 

There is a $40 charge added to the Voluntary contributions to supplement the cost of this program. 

We feel this slight change in expectations supports parents to make the decisions around technology in their homes that best suit their families and children. 

Minmum iPad requirements:
- 32GB
- 9.7' screen
- iPad 6th generation or 7th generation
- Wireless connection only - No SIM card access.
Our Journey
The Department of Education's, 'Focus 2022' document states that schools are required to, "build STEM skills to strengthen post-school opportunities " and "Increase capacity and confidence in the use of ICT."

To ensure our teachers are employing current effective teaching practices, we believe a 'Bring Your Own iPad' program combined with school based resources provides our students with greater learning opportunities that will engage and extend their learning.

This program is curriculum and research driven to create students who are ready to be competitive in a changing workforce.

Parent, teacher and student surveys conducted in 2018 indicated a strong interest in investigating a 1-1 program further. In response, we held discussions with our school board and established a parent steering committee.

After several information sessions held in 2019, the Year 3 parents were surveyed to give the school an indication of families willing to be involved with the program. 78.3% of parents indicate that they would take part in the program and the program was given the go ahead for 2020.

In 2021, we have an 80% uptake of the program. In 2022 the program will include all Year 4,5 and 6 students.
Technology Mission Statement
At Deanmore Primary, we plan and embed the use of technology across the curriculum to enhance student creativity, problem solving, self direction and collaboration skills.

To develop our ability to integrate the use of technology across the curriculum, as teachers we are committed to:
- participating in a range of professional learning opportunities (ie Staff
Development Days, staff meetings, collaborative DOTT meetings)
- trialling and implementing taught skills, knowledge and understandings (ie
use of apps, devices), employing the Substitution, Augmentation,
Modification, Redefinition (SAMR) model, and planning, teaching and
assessing using the Western Australian Digital Curriculum, Scootle and the
‘Digihub’ scope and sequence.

As a school we will develop the required skills, knowledge and understandings by:
- releasing a staff member (Technology Leader) to lead and support staff,
- dedicating time during Staff Development Days, staff meetings and
collaborative DOTT meetings,
- sharing our successes to support others and to solve challenges
experienced, seeking support when required.
Why iPads?
In 2019, our parent steering committee discussed feedback received from our parent information sessions regarding the choice of device.

The parent steering committee analysed at the pro and cons of each device and have chose the iPad as the device for the 1-1 program. 

The main reason for choosing iPad are: 

- Professional learning for teachers have already taken place and innovative use of the devices are being integrated into learning plans.

- iPads have a large range of creative apps that can be integrated into curriculum concepts.

- Deanmore already has a bank of devices available to supply students who are unable to bring their own iPad to school.