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characters from "the little prince"

by valen garcia

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The Little Prince
Date: September 21, 2021
Hi! These are some of the characters from the book "The Little Prince" that we found very interesting, I hope you enjoy this and tell us your opinions!

From: Delfina Riveira, Valentina García, Santiago Perznianko, Tobías Lojo and Delfina García

The Geographer
- lives on the sixth planet that the prince visits
- despite being a geographer, his vision of his world is quite limited
- He only writes the experiences of the explorers
- recommends the little prince visit the earth
- lives on the fourth planet that the little prince visits
- he thinks he owns the stars just because he counts them
- He does not take over the stars for their beauty, but for the satisfaction of owning them
- It is the one that the little prince likes the least, because of his insensitivity and greed
The Businessman
The Lamplighter
- It is the fifth planet that the little prince visits
- The lamplighter is a faithful but unhappy adult
- He is tired, because on his planet his job is to turn on and off a lantern, the problem is that his planet is so small that it takes a minute to make a full turn
- He is the one that the little prince likes the most, since he is the only one who cares about something, beyond himself
This is not the end....
Delfina Riveira, Delfina García, Valentina García, Tobías Lojo y Santiago Perznianko

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