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Activity ,,Journey with air balloon”

by Irma Ghaniashvili


Activity ,,Journey
with air balloon”

Educational purpose:
       Students are introduced to the universal values of human rights. They realize that some human rights are implied in another ones, but it is important in the human rights system whether each right is protected individually.
        Students realize that human rights are inviolable and the arbitrary abolition of these rights is linked to dictatorship.

Note: The exercise can be used at the beginning or end of a cycle of human rights lessons.

Resources: Papers and pens, preferably large size papers to be hung on the wall;
A list of rights from which students make choices.

1.The teacher leads the game. The students form groups of five or six. Each group is given a poster and pens. The students draw an air balloon over the ocean. A bag of ten ballasts (weight) is attached to the poster, each of which expresses one human right (see the list below)

2. The game begins. Students should imagine that they are traveling with this "human rights balloon". The balloon starts landing and passengers have to drop a few bags out of the air balloon to avoid a serious accident.

The students' task is to choose between the human rights that are presented in the form of ballast bags in the game and when making a choice, they will have to use the following criteria:
  Are there any rights that are implied in the other?
  Which right is especially important for democracy? For our personal needs?
3. Either way, the air balloon is dropping and more ballast will need to be removed at regular intervals. After throwing four or five bags, the balloon will land peacefully on the ground.
4. Finally the results are summarized by the whole class. Each group presents its own list and explains what they were guided by when making their choice. Groups of students compare their own results.
Is there a difference in their choice?
Detailed reports on group work will not be wrong.
Was it difficult to reach an agreement?
Did you find it difficult to prioritize giving one right over another?
Preferably, students will agree that all of the listed human rights are important, but different groups of people prioritize different rights when it comes to choices.
In the current constitution, the abolition of any of these rights is seriously damaging to democracy. Human rights are inherent rights and therefore inviolable. The balloon ride was a simulation of this situation, which we hope will never be done — a dictatorship.
If students question the rules of the game and consider that the rules were unfair in terms of the above, the learning objective is achieved.
It is possible to extend this summary stage: which of these rights is enshrined in the constitution of the country and how it is protected / secured.

Prolong:  If the exercise is completed with young students, the content of the ballast - rights - should be changed to subjects that are well known to children, for example, "free elections" should be replaced by "toys", in the concluding stage we should relate these subjects to children's rights.