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Birds of Lutruwita

by Year 3 class of St James Catholic College

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Birds of Lutruwita
Look, I can see the ...
oorah (oor-rah)
nearipah (near-a-pah)
korunah (koh-ru-nah)
yolla (yoh-lah) 
puggheritah (pah-ga-ri-tah)
teng-wynne (teng-winnie)
pugherittah liné is papla and karnaroide for the lay-ka turra.

The black swan’s nest is big and dry for the wet winter.

The yolla coaggara rangare across the mannina and panamuna.

The muttonbird flies swiftly across the land and ocean.
teng-wynne pughrah rangaré in the panamuna.

Little penguins swim swiftly in the ocean.