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Tran visible Women



Transvisible Women And the Heros
I am gonna save the day
Thought Bubble
Done By: Mouza

Grade: 6/A
One day there was a women called Lola she was living a happy life then she wanted a job she was searching for it then a girl called her and told her do u want a job and she was so happy and she said yes then the girl told her: my name is wonder women so this job in not any normal job its kinda hard. wow but how is it hard said Lola. Then wonder women told her that she will be a super hero have a new name and super powers then she gave her dress to get dressed up.
She wore her dress with happiness and a big smile on her face and went to show wonder women she showed her and wonder women said: wow beautiful ok step two we need give you super powers. Follow me!!! said wonder women she followed her and gave her the super powers they were invisible and transfer to the past. Lola was happy and so exited then she asked wonder women what is step three she said we need to name u hmmmmm maybe transvisible women.
Yesss said Lola with happiness, she was ready to save the day. The next day wonder women called her and told her there is an emergency so she need to come to her secret super hero club she went there and found many superheroes like Spiderman, ironman, batman, superman, hulk and more. She was so surprised when she saw everyone, she asked wonder women so what's the emergency? she started explaining and everyone went to save the day!! After they finished Lola was proud of her self and ran to wonder women and said: thank you so much wonder women you helped me a lot I am really happy with my job. no problem Lola said wonder women.