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Princess Fawn

by Lauren

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Princess Fawn
Once upon a time.......... There lived a little adopted orphan named Fawn not much older than 12 years old. Her parents which she did not remember. All she remembered was that they vanished one day. She went to live with her Aunt Katrina and her cousins Anna, Bianca and Celia.And that is where the story begun.
One normal lonely day she was in their library. It was not a big library it was just a few dusty walls filled with books. She had found a book on Kings and Queens. She found out that Queen Lea and King Henry had Princess Abigail and Princess Fa- she was cut off by the creaking of the steps to the attic. Anna appeared she gripped her arm. It was as if she were trying to kill her. "It's time for dinner" she said and dragged Fawn behind her. Anna pasted on a fake smile. She sat down and shared what she learned at the long wide dinner table. " Let's go for a walk in the woods" suggested Aunt Katrina. "yes" said Fawn but what it sounded more like was "flurp".
Fawn happily gobbled up hot biscuits, stuffing with tacos . They cleaned the dishes and cleared the table. They put on their shoes and started out to the woods.It was nice and warm outside and smelled like fresh fruit Then the smell started to shift and the scenery changed it was dark tall trees and smelled like smoke and timber. In the distance there was a low but loud rumble. " what was that" she asked Aunt Katrina. "oh that sounds like just some wind my dear" said Aunt Katrina. Then all the sudden she came into a clearing.In the middle of the clearing there was a cottage and the rumbling didn't just get louder but she could almost feel it pulling her toward the cottage. She let it pull her toward it. She was always up for adventure. She entered the cottage all that was in there was bed, dresser, closet,bathroom, a small kitchen with a crammed in table with a basket on top of it. She went outside to find her aunt and cousins. They were GONE. She fled away from the cottage but she could only go so far. She was stuck.
Aunt Katrina and the cousins walked back to their house.
" at least that problem is gone'' said Bianca. " why didn't we do that before" said Anna. " because we did not need to" said Katrina. And off they went.
Two years three months two weeks and six days later Fawn woke up to the low but loud rumble of the robot that guarded the prison. I know you might think she is a criminal but she's not.Her cousin and aunt trapped her here for no good reason at all. Well anyway she got dressed in a spring blue t-shirt and ripped blue jeans. She got herself some oatmeal and a mango. Then she thought back to the family tree. She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and started to draw.
By afternoon she had figured out that her Mom and Dad are Queen Lea and King Henry and her sister was Princess Abigail. She gobbled down two gooey cheese sandwhiches and a apple.
After she gobbled down her lunch she grabbed her laptop and started to research her parents,about the whole vanishing. And the only thing they left was a basket and a necklace that her she always wore.
By night she was too excited to go to sleep so she lay awake and stared up at the ceiling and wondered. Finally she fell asleep after a long few hours of staying awake.
In the morning she woke up to the rumbling of the robot she was used to it now.She ate the leftover oatmeal and strawberries. She decided today that she would escape her prison somehow."If only I knew how" she said to no one in particular.She grabbed a cookie and started to brainstorm.After a while she came up with an idea. She would distract the robot and break down the force field. OBVIOUSLY!!!!! She grabbed random stuff that she put in a box. She worked and thinked and made.After a while she decided she would try again in the morning.
She had a terrible night sleep. She woke up at 6:00 on the dot and grabbed her invention.She finished her invention hours later.She got herself some breakfast.