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Animal Expository Essays

by 2nd Grade Scholars

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All About Animals

By: Mrs. Donley and Mrs. Pollard's
2nd Grade Scholars (2023-2024)
Parts of a Baby Bunny
By Sophia Ringler
Comic Panel 1
All About Bunnies
What is fast but isn't a human? What is fluffy but isn't a kitten? What jumps but isn't a frog? A bunny! What is a baby bunny called? Bunnies are called kits. What do they eat? They eat grass and flowers. How does the baby change as it grows? The bunny is born then in a few weeks it can hop. What does it look like when it is born? They are hairless and their eyes are closed. What colors can they be? Bunnies fur can be black, brown, gray, or white. Bunnies sleep a lot! Sometimes they sleep with their eyes open! Bunnies may pur when they are happy. They feast on hay and grass. A bunny flops down when it feels safe. Bunnies homes are called burrows. I like bunnies and I hope you do too.
Part of a cheetah
Comic Panel 1
Spotted fur
By Leo Espitia
Baby Cheetahs
What is a cheetah? When baby cheetahs are first born they are called cubs. Cheetahs hunt gazelles, impalas, and antelopes. Cheetah cubs are born blind and helpless. A cheetah can run up to 70 mph. I hope you learned about a cheetah.
Squirrel Bodies
Comic Panel 1
By Mason Henry
Baby Squirrels
What is a squirrel? A baby squirrel is called a kit. At first they nurse. Then they chew on nuts and other foods. The squirrel's tail gets longer so they can balance. The biggest squirrel is 2 ft 4 in. That is bigger than a basketball. Squirrels can live up to 14 years. Squirrels hop when they walk. Squirrels live underground to stay safe. I hope you liked my story.
Parts of a Pig
Comic Panel 1
By Gabby Butcher
Have you ever seen a piglet? A baby pig is called a piglet. How does it eat? What does it eat? Younger piglets drink milk from their moms when they are hungry. Then older piglets eat grains from a trough. How does the piglet change as it grows? They have four little toes on each foot. Piglet's grow fast and soon they may have piglets of Their Own. Their tails are curly. I hope you like my story.
Parts of aCheetah.
Black dots
Comic Panel 1
good eyes
Cheetahs have yellow fur
Cheetahs are fast.

Cheetahs have sharp claws.
By Blake Leadbetter