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Animal Expository Essays

by 2nd Grade Scholars

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Parts of a Kitten
Comic Panel 1
By Kyrie Montgomery
What likes to play but is not a puppy? What likes to snuggle but is not a dog? What is the baby animal called? A kitten! What is a kitten? It is a animal. How do they eat? They hunt for mice and eat them. How does the baby change as it grows? It starts as a baby then it learns how to walk. Then it grows into a cat. What behavior does it have? They can be playful and they walk on all fours legs. A kitten will huddle with their mother to stay warm. I hope you learned about kittens.
Parts of a Cheetah
By Kaden Allerding
Comic Panel 1
What is a Cheetah? A baby cheetah is called a cub. Cheetahs hunt gazelles, impalas and antelope. Cheetah cubs are born blind and helpless. Obat 1200 cheetahs do not liv here. In the world people have been trying to save cheetahs by protecting them. I hope you learned mor abowt cheetahs and you want to save cheetahs and I hope you luve my storey and you gis like it.
Parts of a Baby Tiger
By Vera Tiffany
Comic Panel 1
Baby Tigers
Have ever seen a tiger? A baby tiger is called a cub. They eat deer and cow. At first cubs cannot see when born. Then they turn into a big cat. A baby tiger looks like it has stripes and some dots. A baby tiger weighs 10.9 pounds when born. Tigers are the largest wild cat in the world. Tigers are born in a den. A female has a litter of 2 to 6 cubs at a time. Newborn cubs need mom for everything. She also nurses them. Older cubs eat solid food. The mother tiger teaches cubs to hunt when they are babies. They chase one another to practice. They wrestle and growl as they play fight. I hope you learned something new about tigers.