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You Can Call Me Tori!

by Katie Kraus

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You Can Call Me Tori!
By: Katie Kraus
About the Author
Katie Kraus is a senior at the University of Montana Western, who is majoring in Elementary Education. She grew up in Ramsay, just a few miles outside of Butte, Montana. She has always had the dream of coming to Western and becoming an elementary education teacher. Katie loves visiting friends and family, crafting, and reading a variety of books.
The Purpose of the Book
The purpose of this book is to inform students of people-first language. I find it really important to use people-first language even at a young age. This is something that I am passionate about, and is something I never heard of until college.
Hi! My name is Victoria. But EVERYONE calls me Tori.
Do you have a nickname that everyone calls you?
Me and my family just moved here from Congo. We moved here because my parents said it is safer in America.
What do you know about Congo? How is it different from where you live?
We had to fill out a lot of papers before we could come over. Mom and Dad spent lots of time trying to make sure we could all come here together. We didn't want to get split up.
How would you feel if your family was split up while trying to move?
It was a LLOOOONNNGGG trip. It took us almost a week to get here! We had to go to a bunch of other places before we even got to the U.S.
What was the longest trip you have been on?
And to make it even worse, I couldn't take all the stuff I wanted to. I had to leave almost all of my stuff. I only got to bring ONE bag.
If you had to pack a bag and give away the rest, what would you have in your bag?
I kind of miss my old home and friends though... but this place is pretty nice. I really like my new house I live in. The family that took us in is really nice.
How would you feel if you had to move to a new place and leave your friends behind?
There are so many other things I could tell you! Like all of the languages I heard, the food I ate, or even the strange places I slept on the way. But, there is one thing i want you to remember.....
Have you heard other languages before? Can you speak any other languages?