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by Joshuah Diver


What is Beebot?
Bee bot is an educational robot that is used to teach children how to code.The robot is in a shape of a bee and has several buttons on its back which is used to code an instruction.Beebot can retain 40 commands in each programme.
How Beebots could be used in teaching the curricular in areas of Mathematics and Literacy
Beebot can help children Mathematically by making them count how many squares the Beebot has to move in the sequence in order to reach its destination
In the video below,Beebots can be used in literacy when exploring creative writing and nursery rhymes.Children can programme the Beebot to travel to the different story locations and they can relate the Beebot to the stories they have learnt.
Bruner & Beebots
Enactive stage(Concrete)
action-based and involves real experiences and thinking by doing
Iconic stage(Pictorial)
image-based and onvolves signs,diagrams and pictures to represent thinking,without the necessity of action
Symbolic Stage(Abstract)
language based and involves knowledge being stored primarily as words and mathematical symbols
Stage 1:Enactive
This stage is free play with bee bots
Children physically move the bee bots around to their targeted destination without coding the bee bots

This stage is image-based and involves signs, diagrams and pictures to represent thinking, without the necessity of action.
Emphasis is on using visual command cards.
Stage 2:Iconic