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The Role of the Internet in Education

by Imogen Petridis


The Role of the Internet in Education
Imogen Petridis
Why should we use the internet in education? 
- Future orientated
- Improves skills
- learning becomes interesting
- increased coloration
- already plays a vital role in education/world we live in 
- Cost effective 
- Good for peer and teacher interaction 
- Up to date with the latest information
Describe three activities that you could do with students in your classes by using the internet?
Disadvantages of using the internet in your class?
Misinformation due to the fact anyone can post anything.

The internet can be dangerous there are predators that hang out on the internet waiting to get unsuspecting people in dangerous situations
The internet can be addictive which can interfere with children’s interactions with friends and loved ones. 
Pornography is easy to access and can get into the hands of young children.

The internet gives kids access to “cheater sites” where kids can buy essays and pass them off as their own. 

The internet comes with lots of viruses that can ruin your data.
Describe three activities that we can do to overcome the disadvantages of using the internet? 
Information Literacy is a big topic in education.
What does it mean?
What section of the ICT General Capabilities does it look at?
What sorts of things are included?
Although Information Literacy encompasses all the sections of the ICT General Capabilities, it predominantly looks at the “Investigating with ICT” section. This element involves students investigating questions, topics and problems using ICT.
Foundational information and digital literacy skills, such as conducting strategic online searches, judging the legitimacy of online sources, sifting out misinformation, and recognizing advertising, can help set kids up for success as lifelong learners