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Slavery in America

by Michelle Nigro


Slavery in America
Dear Reader,
From the earliest days of our nation's history, slavery has been a part of American reality. During initial days, slavery took the form of indentured servanthood, but quickly progressed to the buying and selling of African peoples. Like our European forefathers, our burgeoning nation used slave labor to advance a fledgling economy. Though legal slavery ended with the 14th amendment to our constitution, it is still a hot topic issue in our 21st century reality. Explore with me what slavery in our country looked like, and celebrate some heroes who worked to bring an end to this oppressive period of our history. In order to escape repeating the mistakes of our past, we must study and be aware of them.
Table of Contents
The Slave Trade----------------------------------------------------4-5
The Triangular Trade-----------------------------------------------6
Olaudah Equiano---------------------------------------------------7-8
Slavery in the Colonies--------------------------------------------9-12
Harriet Tubman----------------------------------------------------13
More Possibilities---------------------------------------------------14
Works Cited---------------------------------------------------------15
Other Research Topics---------------------------------------------16
This map shows the predominate countries involved in the slave trade during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
Use the map on page 4 to answer the following questions.
1. Which country received more African slaves than any other country?________________________________________________

2. Which region received the least amount of African slaves?__________________________________________________________-

3. For extra credit, name at least one of the countries in the region you named for answer #2._____________________________________________

4. The United States is tied with what other place in the number of slaves it received? ______________________________________

5. Please write out the following numbers in actual place values. The first one has been done for you as an example.

.3 million = 300,000 .5 million=

.2 million = 4.5 million=

5 million =

The triangular trade was a name given to a route that sold goods and people. Watch the following video to learn more about the triangular trade.