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One Day I was Just Walking Along....

by 4H


One Day I was Walking Along...
By: 4H 2022-2023
A day In The Jungle
One day I was just walking along in the forest, trying to find a jaguar when I heard a stick crack. Then another. Then another. Suddenly, I saw an eye peering out of the bushes. It looked like a jaguar’s eye. I quickly pulled out my walky-talky to tell my friend Jacob. We were on a mission to find our first ever jaguar!
“Jacob, this is agent Mira and we found our first jaguar. Over,” I said into my walky-talky. I tried not to sound too excited. I slowly walked toward the bushes. I pulled the bushes over to find a jag-LION?
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. I was deathly afraid of lions. Suddenly, I remembered that I told Jacob it was a jaguar. I saw him pull up with a bunch of reporters in the van. My cheeks burned. What am I going to tell them? I was not good at quick thinking. 
“Where is it?” Jacob asked.
I didn’t know what to do. “The jaguar told me he was out to grab us lunch-” I didn’t finish my sentence cause I realized how stupid I looked. The jaguar can’t talk you dummy! I said to myself. But the part that made me most nervous was that the lion was still right behind me. I didn’t know what to do. So I did the only thing I knew how. RUN!
Addie Trufant
One day I was just walking along a snowy village in Switzerland that smelled like hot chocolate. I am a mountain climber, and this village is well known for its mountains, a mile ahead. Today I would take a train to their biggest mountain, “ The Big One” But for now, I would enjoy this small village for what it had.
 I was lost deep in thought about how tall the mountain was and whether would I make it to the top when a small man approached me. “ Hello, sir. Would you care to give me that golden bread in your hand? I am hungry after traveling so far and long,” he said. “ Of course!” I said. I knew what it was like to be hungry after traveling. I gave him the bread and we went off in separate directions.
 Now I was hungry, but I was happy to help. Later that day, I walked to the pretzel store, “ Pretzel Town.” I saw the small man, who was also in line. “ Hello, sir. Do you want me to buy you a pretzel?” he asked. “ No thanks,” I replied. That man was strange, but I knew he was good at heart. 
By Emerson
One day, I was walking along the hard concrete street when I noticed a glowing green amethyst just sitting there, waiting to be found. I picked it up and tried to shove it in my pocket, but it kept floating out. “ What is wrong with this amethyst?” I shouted, but quiet enough so that people wouldn’t hear me.
I threw it onto the ground and suddenly, purple dust came strolling out like it was taking a walk. A portal was forming and I was in it. “ What’s happening?” I said, my voice echoing through the big purple cloud. 
One second I was on Earth, the next I was floating through a realm no people have ever stepped foot into. I saw my thoughts, bubbling in the air like water. I saw strange beasts, stomping their mighty feet on the cosmos. “Where am I?” I asked while jumping onto a purple star. I sat there, thinking about food, and suddenly, food appeared. I knew that since I thought of food and it came, I could control this strange realm.
To be continued...
One day I was walking along the road with HP and then we saw a shiny lambo and it was awesome. It was red and it was small. You might think it was a plastic toy car, oh but no it was real. It had black stripes. It looked brand new. Do you think it was? If you said “no” you're right. I see him clean it every day. THE END

One day I was just walking along when the bank alarm went off out of nowhere, I was so confused. Then I saw the cops arrive and go into the bank then the robber came running out. I yelled "Cops-he is running out into the streets get out of the bank and chase him!” 
But they were taking too long helping the people out of the bank so I ran after him, I was scared but I knew it was the right thing to do so I did chase and I yelled "hey stop" and then he ran faster. I was so scared, then he was about to pull something out of his pocket so I ran super fast and knocked him when he dropped his weapon. Then the cops arrived to arrest him. I felt like a superstar right then and there I thought I could do anything.
Then when I got home my mom said “you did great”. She saw what happened and she was so proud of me, so the next day I got to go to a water park. Those two days felt like the best ones in my life and I am glad I chased after him.
By Vito