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Back to School

by Seema Narula

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My high school:
Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School
This week, summer break will end and I will go back to school.
I will go to high school at Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School.
I will have my own locker. I can put my backpack, jacket, and other things in my locker.
I will have two classes. I will follow the daily schedule.
This year the school is divided into quadmesters. I will have some new teachers this year. I will have a different teacher for each class.
Ms. Narula
Ms. Laka
Ms. Reynolds
Ms. Memmolo
First quad is from September 8 until November 12. I will have two teachers in every quad. My teachers this quad are Ms. Narula and Ms. Laka.
Ms. Narula will be my teacher in the morning.
Ms. Laka will be my teacher in the afternoon.
Ms. Narula will teach literacy and art in the morning. Ms. Laka will teach hygiene, math, and physical activity in the afternoon.
Second quad is from November 15 until February 1. Ms. Reynolds and Ms. Memmolo will be my teachers.
Ms. Reynolds will be my literacy teacher for the second quad.
Ms. Memmolo will be my healthy living teacher for the second quad.
Ms. V, Ms. Adie, and Ms. Shilo will be three of the EA's that will help me in my classes. I might see other EA's in my class too.
Ms. V
Ms. Adie
Ms. Shylo