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North American Porcupine

by Emmalee R


North American Porcupine,
aka Erethizon Dorsatum
by Emmalee R.
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Erethizon dorsatum
Written by Emmalee R.
Erethizon dorsatum
Written by Emmalee R.
Describing the porcupine
The porcupine is brown and gray. the tail length is 5 ½-9 in.The total length of the porcupine is 21-37 in and the weight is 7 ¾-40 lb.The size is as small as a house cat.

Color: brown and gray
Size: as small as a house cat
Length: 21-37 in. Tail length: 5 ½-9 in.
Weight: 7 ¾ -40 lb
In the wild the porcupine lives in a cave for cover or a tree for hiding from predators. 
The habitat at the rescue center needs to have the following things in it:
*A cave
*And grass
My animal likes to have wood for their teeth.
They can get stressed out if you sneak up on them.
Something interesting about a porcupine is...
An interesting fact about a porcupine is that porcupines can’t shoot their quills. when scared quills are loose. If you get quills stuck in your body do not move they will sink in your skin.
Another interesting fact do you know the story about the porcupine before their quills and how they got them well there once was a porcupine a lion was chasing and the porcupine found a tree. The porcupine went up the tree hiding. The porcupine saw a pokey bush so he went down the tree ran and broke the needles of that bush and put them on his back and then the lion ran away.