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How Wally Went From Ice to Air and Back Again

by Christina Ruegamer _ Staff - SERaleighHS


Once upon a time in a land of science, there was a little water molecule named Wally. Wally was a tiny H2O superhero, and he lived with a big group of other water molecules in the freezing cold of an ice cube. They were all huddled together, like an army of frozen soldiers, their molecules arranged in neat, tight lines. This was the solid state of matter, and they were as still as statues.

One sunny day, something magical happened. The ice cube started to melt as it felt the warmth of the sun. Wally and his buddies began to vibrate with excitement. Their arrangement loosened up, and they started sliding past each other. It was like an ice cube disco! They were undergoing a change called "melting," going from a solid to a liquid state. Their molecules were moving faster, but they were still close together, like friends holding hands.

As the day went on, the sun beamed down even hotter. Wally and his friends got even more energetic. They started jumping around and spreading out. They were becoming water vapor, which is the gas state of matter. Now they were everywhere, like a cloud of invisible friends having a big water molecule party in the air. This change is called "vaporization," where the molecules move so fast and far apart that they're like wild water molecules on an adventure.

But as evening arrived, the air around them cooled down, like a gentle breeze. Wally and his pals began to lose some of their energy. They couldn't keep up their wild dance. So, they slowed down and got closer and closer to each other. They were now like a family, huddled close, forming tiny droplets. This process is called "condensation." They were going from a gas back to a liquid. It was like a cozy, molecule cuddle party.

And so, Wally the water molecule had an amazing adventure. He went from a solid, where he was in a tight formation, to a liquid, where he could flow freely with his friends, and then to a gas, where they partied around in the air. Finally, they cuddled up and turned back into a liquid through condensation. Wally learned that no matter where he went, he could always find his molecule buddies and have an exciting journey through the three states of matter.