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by Filippo Nisi


The project by our dear professor Falcone Orietta
Works of:
Cavolina Filippo
D'Ambrogio Alessia
D'Angelo Annapaola
D'Angelo Ludovica
Ferrera Carmelo
Graziano Michele
Guzzo Vincenzo
Marchingiglio Alberto
Naso Bianca
Nisi Filippo
Schilirò Jennipher
Introductory note to the work done
"The English CLIL, that stands for Content and Language Integrated Learning, is a project refered to the 7th grade classes, to learn more in-depth the English language.
The CLIL is a project that concentrates on the highter grades students, that are chosen by our dear teacher, Falcone Orietta.
In all of the CLIL project we speaked and talked in english, to have a full-immersion into the couse.
In this case the CLIL project is dedicated to the geography of the USA.
Each of us choose a state of USA and we tried to represent a tourism agency.
We put a lot of effort on creating the works here present.
We really appreciate the work that our teacher, Falcone Orietta, put into this project to make us learn more about the USA State."
At the end of every project there is a gallery, you need to click in it to display the photos.
Content Index
a. The Grand Canyon
b. Monument valley
c. Tucson City
a. Why you should visit Texas
b. Houston
c. Wildlife
d. Food
a. Universal Studios
b. Attraction
c. Curiosities
d. National parks
e. Restourants
a. Tourist Places
b. The food
c. Amusement parks
d. Transport and road connections
e. Washinghton D.C.
a. Climate
b. Food
c. 6 Curiosities of Mexico
a. Introduction
b. 5 Curiosities about Michigan
c. Most important sites
a. The wine region
b. Food
c. Kolkheti national park
d. Tbilisi
a. The flag
b. Northern lights
c. Food
d. Sports
a. Walt Disney World
b. Imortant Myth
c. Tourism
d. Biscayne notional park
a. Tourism
b. Sports
c. Las Vegas
d. Reno
a. The meaning
b. The flag
c. The food
d. Missisipi's capital
e. The longest river in the USA
f. The Famous actor
g. Baton Rouge Capitol
h. Hard Rock
Arizona is not famous for its cities but for its natural resources 
The Grand Canyon is an immense gorge created by the Colorado
River in northern Arizona and is considered one of the most beautiful and famous natural wonders in the world.
The first European to sight the Grand Canyon was the Spaniard García López de Cárdenas, who in 1540 left New Mexico in search of the mysterious river that the Hopi Indians were talking about.
However, long before these discoveries, the area was already inhabited by Native Americans who built their settlements within the canyon walls.
The Grand Canyon, which is actually an extensive system of connected canyons, is not the largest nor the deepest canyon in the world, but it is considered valuable for the combination of size, depth and exposure of the colorful stratifications of rocks that date back to the Precambrian period.
Imposing rocks rise in the red desert. Monument Valley is one of the most enchanting places in the world. Everyone has already seen her in some movies or photos; located north-east of the Grand Canyon you will fall in love with its boundless landscapes of its fuchsia-colored sunsets.
We are in the Navajo Nation and only Indians live in these areas.
Comic Panel 1
The Grand Canyon
Monument valley
Tucson City
Do you want to stay in a luxury hotel overlooking the desert?
Come to Arizona!
Tucson is a beatiful city set in the Sonoran Desert and surrounded by mountains.
At the second largest city in Arizona. It has many cultural attractions, as well as historcal Sities and natural areas to  usy,but it’s primarily the warm dry climate that attracts Tourists and snowbirds to the area. Basking in the sun or lounging by a pool at one of TUCSON
LUXURY RESORTS.The city is home to interesting museum,historical sities,great shopping and Dining.
The surrounding mountains and desert provide a playground for people looking for things to do outdoors, with beatiful parks wonderful hiking trails, biking trails, campground and much more.
Famous food.
Famous foods from Arizona include traditional foods such as prickly pear, mesquite pod, and Navajo-Churro sheep, which are the oldest surviving breed of sheep in the United States. Other famous Arizona foods are locally grown fruits and vegetables such as chillies, tomatillos, jicama, and dates. Arizona is also home to the first McDonald's, which was opened by Maurice and Richard McDonald. In 1953, the brothers founded the McDonald's franchise.
Michele Graziano
Do you want to taste one of the best american chocolates?
Well, then come and discover the worders of the state of washington.
The State of Washington is a nature lovers dream. The natural scenery in the state is some of the most breath taking and inspiring in the entire United States.
The terrain is diverse and includes the Hoh Rain Forest, volcanoes (both dormant and recently destructive) forests, and islands.
The cities in Washington are as impressive as the nature and include Seattle, the state’s largest city, and Olympia, the state’s capital. There are a great number of national parks in Washington some well known and others less so but all are equally impressive and worth a trip.


The Olympic National Park in Port Angeles is a great place to enjoy the nature on offer in the state of Washington. Within the park there are mineral springs and cool clear water for natural swimming as well as accommodation in comfortable lodges.The park is the perfect place to escape from the busy city and enjoy the serenity of the great outdoors.

Another National Park and another must visit sport for nature lovers; Mount Rainer has attracted tourists from far and wide since opening its first visitor center in 1880.As well as the beautiful scenery, outdoor enthusiasts also have plenty of activities to keep them entertained here including fishing, climbing, hiking and cross country skiing in the winter.

The Seattle Center has a lot to offer visitors with a mix of parks and attractions. It was originally built for the Century 21 Exposition in 1962 but it still plays host to many notable performances and events in the city throughout the year. There are a great number of things to see in this area including the SciFi Museum, The Pacific Science Center and the Intiman Theatre to name only a few.


Based in Seattle, Theo Chocolate is the first and only organic & fair trade chocolate in the country. After trying one of their rich, smooth chocolate bars, you'll definitely be able to tell the difference.


Regular cherries are delicious, but they're no match for Rainier cherries. This local hybrid was created at Washington State University from two other types of cherries, and it was named after the iconic Mount Rainier


This grilled seafood dish is by far one of the most popular around the state. The entree's pretty hard to resist, especially when it's made with a sweet hploney-balsamic glaze