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Alex’s Book Of Art

by Alex


Pg.3-4 Lines and Pressure
Pg.5-6 Doodling
Pg.7-8 Lights and Shadows
Pg.9-10 My Logo!
Pg.11 About Me Page
For my bubble letter drawing, I experimented with lines and pressure. I used different tools in sketches pro to create different lines and pressures. The different pressures helped me shade, which made my bubble letters pop.

I enjoyed making my name in bubble letters, because it helped elevate my art skills, and get more familiar with the different tools.
For this activity I got to draw an emoji(I picked the mouthless emoji), while incorporating the skills I used for my “Lines and Pressure” assignment. I used the smudge tool to get my blending as close to the emoji as possible, which I think I did really well. I also used the ruler tool to get perfect circles, for the face shape and eyes!

I had fun making my emoji, and got better at using the ruler tool!