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Christopher Columbus’s Journey To India

by Alex Cree


My journey to India
Today I, Christopher Columbus, will be leaving to India from Palos de la Frontera, Spain. I am being sponsored by the Spanish monarchy, and I hope to find a better route to there then Portugal, they are our main competition after all. Everyone is travelling now. I assume it’s because of the improvement of our tools, exploring is becoming so much more accessible. Such an excessive amount of travelling may have its downsides though… Anyway, the three boats I am leading are the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria. I hope our journey is safe, and that no one beats us there.
Tonight is the 30th night of my trip. Our tools, like the compass and astrolabe, make this journey much more hopeful, and hopefully successful. If our compass breaks, we will lose the direction our boat is supposed to go, and get lost. I can hope that doesn’t happen.
Going to India is so important, the spices, animals, and resources (like gold!) would make huge change for Spain. Making the trade route is also very important. It will bring me fame, and glory for Spain. I have dreamed about this since I was a kid! After this trip, I will be rich. I will also be helping lots of people, by bringing these resources to Spain I will give people new AND more food, we might be able to improve our tools or invent new ones, and there will be more expeditions. I will get sponsored again.
This morning we landed in India, where we interacted with the peaceful Indians. They had unfamiliar food, which they were willing to trade for our goods. This route is very successful, we will definitely come back! I did notice one of my crew is feeling unwell… I think he might have smallpox. That probably doesn’t matter though, because history has been made!