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Our Learning Journey about Healthy Eating

by Angela Yue


Our Learning About
Healthy Eating
By Group 29
What is healthy food?
Link to the Early Years Learning Framework -
Outcome 3: Children show awareness of healthy lifestyles and good
"I don't like broccoli! It tastes yucky!" - Leo.

"I like broccoli! My mum said it could make you strong, and you can climb up very high on the climbing frame!" - Darcy.
24th April 2023 Monday

Over the weeks, the children have spent much time and engaged in pretend cooking experiences in the home corner. They chose the food toy and adapted existing knowledge to create their dishes.
Of course, the most popular cooking is cakes and ice cream.
But, one day, Isabel said to her friends: "Ice cream is sometimes food. You can't have it all the time."

What is sometimes food? What is Healthy food?

This week, we incorporated digital technology - Scratch Junior, in our program to support children continually exploring sometimes food and healthy food. By clicking on the food image in the circle, the little cat will help children to identify if it's healthy food or not. The children cooperated in the group and recognised and identified their favourite food. They also asked questions to express their wonder and shared excitement and joy by giggling and laughing together.
Comic Panel 1
Exploring the Healthy Eating Guideline with Beebots
Link to the EYLF - Outcome 4: Children develop a range of learning and thinking skills and processes such as problem-solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating
1st May 2023 Monday

To extend children's interests and learning, this week, we explored the healthy eating guideline with Buzzzzzing Beebots. The children were encouraged to choose the food from different categories. Then, by programming the steps, they will control the Beebots to collect their selected food.

The children collaborated and shared their thoughts and ideas to program the Beebots and contribute to the teamwork.
Some children noticed their peers got frustrated when the Beebot kept turning in the wrong direction. They offered each other help and cooperated to overcome the challenge.

In the experience, children were persistent, even when the first attempt wasn't successful. They showed care and concern for each other and worked together to contribute to the common goal.
Eating Healthy - Rice Paper Roll Making
Link to the EYLF - Outcome 5: Children use digital technologies and media to access information, investigate ideas and represent their thinking
8th May 2023 Monday

To continue exploring healthy eating, this week, we decided to demonstrate the knowledge we learnt and create our own healthy dish - rice paper roll.

The children engaged in the group discussion and decided on the ingredients we would like to use in our cooking experience. We reviewed the healthy eating guideline and picked one ingredient from each category.
Now, it's cooking time!
First, we need to cut all the vegetables...
"This is a cucumber, and that is a bigger one," Charlie said while we cut the ingredients.
"No! The bigger one is called zucchini!" Leo said.
"What's the difference between the cucumber and zucchini?" the educator inquired.

"The zucchini is bigger, and its colour is darker," Tom answered.
"The cucumber feels bumpy, but the zucchini is smooth." Mia commended.
"Look! You can see through the cucumber, but the zucchini is white inside." Isabel picked up a piece of cucumber towards the light.

Rounded Rectangle
Rounded Rectangle
When we opened the capsicum, the children were amazed by how many seeds were inside of it. They used their fingers to touch and feel them and noticed that the seeds had fallen off.
Of course, we would like to have a taste of it!
Rounded Rectangle
Our filling is ready! Isabel pointed to the cut ingredients and said: "look! It's like a rainbow!" Then, she sang the 'I can see the rainbow' song to us.
Rounded Rectangle
The children demonstrated excellent hand-eye coordination skills.

Voila! Here is our rice paper roll!
Bon appetit!